Exhibition | Capriccios lurking in the poshy dark corners of Aker Brygge, Oslo

Capriccio‘s exposed at a group exhibition during the Uncontaminated (!) Fashion Art Festival, Oslo.

Foto: Håkon Borg

Foto: Håkon Borg


Recommendation : SCANDINAVIAN STARS @The Brick Lane Gallery, London

Smitte’s  Håkon Borg finally picked up his pencils. He even managed to kick some drawings across the North Sea to The Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK.  Appointed Artist of The Day by the gallery (as ALL the exhibitors were at some point). At THAT point he started to read the internet to attack his desperate contemporary vanity, and prayed for the gallery and his ego to burn 4ever.

Sad fact:  When Håkon was asked by the gallery how the drawings would be collected  after the exhibition- he finally snapped – promising himself never to go to London  again, never to draw or see his monsters again. He told the gallery to throw the drawings at the brick lane.

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Recommendation: Book launch: “Her inne et sted” by Roskva Koritzinsky feat. music by ThomasTakesNoShit and Chris Lee. Visuals by Håkon Borg.

Smitte’s own Roskva Koritzinsky is launching her deput at Aschehoug Forlag

: Her inne et sted (eng. “In here somewhere”) ((Buy it, Alien))

Tuesday, 20 August 2013 at 18:00 at Revolver, Oslo.

Chris Lee and ThomasTakesNoShit will perform music during the evening. Håkon Borg will exhibit visuals.